The search results provided do not directly answer the question about various icons and symbols in Google Drive. However, I can provide some information on the topic based on existing knowledge.

In Google Drive, you may encounter several icons and symbols that represent various file types, actions, or settings. Some common icons and their meanings include:

  1. File types: Different file types have their own unique icons. For example, text documents have a plain white page with a "T" in the top-right corner, while spreadsheets have a grid with a green "$" symbol.

  2. Sharing settings: When collaborating with others on a Google Drive file, you may see different icons that indicate the sharing settings. For example, a gray "Share" button indicates that the file is shared, while a blue "Share" button means that the file is shared and other people have access to it.

  3. Access levels: Icons can also represent the access levels of collaborators. For example, a person with a pen icon can edit the file, while a person with just a headshot can only view the file.

  4. Actions: Various icons represent actions that can be taken on a file, such as downloading, uploading, copying, or moving the file.

Remember that the meanings of these icons may vary depending on the specific context in which they appear. If you need more information on a particular icon, consider referring to Google Drive's help documentation or watching tutorial videos.