To manage collaborative collections on Instagram, follow these steps and tips:

  1. Create a new collaborative collection:

    • Find a post you like and tap the save icon.
    • Tap "Try it" in the intro screen about collaborative collections.
    • Toggle "Collaborative" on.
    • Name your collection and tap "Save".
  2. Share an existing collection with a friend:

    • Open the collection by tapping "Save" on a post.
    • Select "Share Collection."
    • Choose friends from the list or search for usernames.
    • Add an optional message and tap "Send".
  3. Manage and update collaborative collections:

    • Access collections by going to your profile, opening settings, and tapping on the "Saved" tab.
    • Encourage feedback and ideas from collaborators in the comments section.
    • Assign roles for curation and maintenance.
    • Make posts save-able to encourage user-generated content (UGC) and engagement.
  4. Tips for effective management:

    • Stick to a theme for your collections, such as travel, food, or fashion.
    • Use both photos and videos to make collections more engaging.
    • Learn from influencers and top brands for effective strategies.
  5. Note: You cannot make a private collection collaborative after it's created.

Remember that collaborative collections are a powerful way to organize, share, and collaborate with friends, so use them to strengthen relationships, discover new content, and foster creative inspiration.