Witness Voting

Upvote for your favorite witnesses to elect them as block producers. You can upvote maximum 21 witnesses. Currently 21 witnesses are responsible for production of new blocks and ensuring and securing of breeze blockchain. This number will increase in future as chain grows.

What is a witness?
Witnesses are the persons who run nodes (servers) of blockchain to produce new blocks.

What witnesses earn as reward?
Top 21 witnesses ranked by number of votes produce blocks. 15% of reward pool goes to witnesses. 1% goes to current block producer and 14% to previous 14 block producers. If any witness misses block, it goes to previous producer.

Who can become witness?
Anyone who can run a server as per requirement of blockchain can become a witness. Check witness setup guide here
Role of witnesses?
Role of witnesses is just to produce and validate blocks for blockchain. Witnesses does not have any role in management as breeze blockchain is run under DAO system, so breeze DAO is the only authority to make decisions about projects.
Important: With next hard fork, IG (Inspector general) of witnesses will be taking charge of all upvoting for witnesses to ensure that only competitive witnesses are upvoted as top block producers. Simple criteria for selection of witnesses will be their approach towards development of breeze project.

Rank Name Votes Status
breeze 40051.8M
metamars 738.5M
btcheaven 729.6M
freakea0 720.3M
zahidsun 712.5M
alienbird 709.5M
tekraze 708.9M
fasolo97 708M
theshark 697.2M
silverduck 695.6M
digitalcat 691.1M
opsin 685.2M
evergreen 682.1M
gamingguy 679.4M
chibuzorwisdom 675.4M
alejos7ven 667.1M
vickyguevara 55.4M
yowll 42.6M
symbionts 41M
echocrypto 35.3M
urgamira 34.6M
mbahshondong 17M
blockseater 8.9M
casualfriday 3.3M
web3social 2.1M
bestkizito 1.2M
kushalg 71.1K