To get Fallout TV show characters in Fallout 4, you can follow these steps:

  1. Understand the official SPECIAL stats for the characters:

    • Lucy MacLean: Strength 4, Perception 7, Endurance 6, Charisma 5, Intelligence 6, Agility 5, Luck 7
    • The Ghoul: Strength 5, Perception 6, Endurance 7, Charisma 7, Intelligence 4, Agility 7, Luck 4
    • Maximus: Strength 7, Perception 6, Endurance 6, Charisma 5, Intelligence 4, Agility 7, Luck 5
  2. Use a mod to create character presets:

    • Download the "VaultGirl2077 Recreations - Fallout TV Show Preset Replacer" mod created by xMakeDamnSurex.
    • Install the mod in your Fallout 4 game by following the instructions provided in the mod description.
    • Start a new game in Fallout 4 and select the character preset that matches the TV show character you want to play as.
  3. Adapt gameplay to the character's strengths:

    • For Lucy MacLean, focus on Gun skills and prioritize Lockpicking, Explosives, and V.A.T.S. accuracy.
    • For The Ghoul, concentrate on Speech-related skills and stealth abilities.
    • For Maximus, play as a frontline fighter or a sneaky assassin, focusing on Melee weapons and Agility skills.

Please note that Fallout 4 offers the best opportunity to replicate the characters' appearances due to its updated character creation system. However, it falls short when it comes to the stats, as Fallout 4 players only have 21 SPECIAL stat points to allocate at the start of the game. Additionally, you cannot play as a Ghoul in any Fallout game without the use of mods.

Remember that using mods may affect your game's trophy progress, so if you're a trophy hunter, consider using the mods cautiously.