Various icons on a Samsung Galaxy Watch provide information about the watch's status and connected services. Here's a concise summary of the icons and their meanings based on the search results:

  1. Phone with a Bar: Indicates that the Galaxy Watch has lost the Bluetooth connection with your phone.
  2. Rectangle with a Cloud or Ace Card Icon: Shows that the watch is connected using Wi-Fi or mobile data to your phone instead of Bluetooth.
  3. Orange/Red Dot: Indicates unread notifications. Swipe right on the orange icon to see the unchecked notifications. A red dot means an urgent notification.
  4. Music Icon: Displays when an app is currently or was recently playing music. It also appears when the audio is paused.
  5. Lock Icon: Indicates that the watch is locked. Enter the PIN or password to unlock it.
  6. Green Phone Icon: Shows up when there's an ongoing call on the connected phone or the watch (for LTE versions).
  7. Minus Icon: Means Do Not Disturb mode is active.
  8. Tiny Watch Icon: Appears when the watch is in watch-only mode.
  9. Bluetooth Icon: Indicates the watch is connected via Bluetooth to your phone.
  10. Wi-Fi Icon: Shows that Wi-Fi is enabled and connected to your watch.
  11. Battery Icon: Displays the available battery power level on your Galaxy Watch.
  12. Signal Icon: Indicates the LTE signal strength (LTE models only).
  13. 3G or LTE Icon: Shows that the watch is connected to a 3G or LTE network (LTE models only).

Please note that these icons can vary slightly between watch models and software versions.