To set up the Invite Tracker bot in your Discord server, follow these concise steps based on the provided resources:

  1. Invite the Bot:

    • Visit the Invite Tracker website:
    • Click on "Start Tracking Invites" to redirect to a Discord page where you can select the server to invite the bot to.
    • Grant the required permissions and authorize the bot.
  2. Configure the Bot:

    • After the bot is added to your Discord server, log in to the Invite Tracker dashboard.
    • Navigate to the server you want to configure.
    • Configure the join messages:
      • Go to the "Join Messages" section.
      • Select the channel where join messages should be sent.
      • Enable the join message feature.
      • Customize the join message content if desired.
      • Save changes.
  3. Test the Setup:

    • Invite a user to your Discord server using an invite link.
    • Check the configured channel for the join message.
    • If the message is not sent, ensure the channel has the necessary permissions and adjust as needed.
  4. Optional Settings:

    • Configure leave messages (if desired) to track when members leave the server.
    • Customize fake delay settings to control how invites are counted.
    • Blacklist or hide specific users from invite tracking.

For a more detailed walkthrough, you can refer to the 2024 YouTube video titled "How To Setup Invite Tracker Bot in Discord". The Invite Tracker's Documentation also provides additional information on the bot's features and usage.