For video game streamers using an iPad, here are five must-have apps to consider:

  1. Orion: A user-friendly app that transforms your iPad into a portable monitor, making it useful for streaming setups.
  2. Procreate: A powerful design tool with rich layering capabilities, ideal for creating artwork or custom overlays for your streams.
  3. LumaFusion: An affordable video editing app, perfect for post-production and creating engaging content for your stream.
  4. Twitch: The official Twitch app for iOS, which allows you to stream, watch, and engage with your favorite streamers and communities.
  5. Stream Deck on iPad: Although not a specific app, the Stream Deck mobile app, when paired with a physical Stream Deck device, offers a convenient way to control your stream and interact with your audience.

These apps can enhance your streaming experience, help you create content, and engage with your audience more effectively on your iPad.