To add a clickable link on Instagram, you have several options since Instagram does not allow clickable links in post captions or comments:

  1. Link in Bio: Add a clickable link to your Instagram bio. To do this, go to your profile, tap 'Edit Profile', and add a link under 'Add link/Links'.

  2. Instagram Stories: Use the 'Link' sticker in Instagram Stories. Upload your story, tap the sticker icon, select 'Link', and enter or paste your URL.

  3. Instagram Ads: Create an Instagram ad with a clickable link as part of your campaign setup.

  4. Shortened Links: Add a shortened link to your post captions or comments. Use a link shortening service like TinyURL to create a shorter, more memorable link.

  5. Direct Messages: Encourage users to DM you for a link by including a call to action in your post caption. Then, send the link via Direct Messages.

  6. IGTV Description: Add a clickable link to the description of an IGTV video. While the link won't be clickable in the feed, users can click the link when they watch the full video in the IGTV section.

Remember that these methods are within Instagram's guidelines and limitations, as regular post captions and comments cannot have clickable links.