The different buttons on the second-generest Siri Remote (or the latest versions), which can vary slightly depending on the model, include:

  1. Power: Press and hold the Power button to turn on your Apple TV and wake it, or turn it off and put it to sleep.
  2. Clickpad: Used for navigation around the interface; press to confirm selections. When pressed harder, acts as a menu button during media playback.
  3. Siri button: Hold this button to summon Siri, allowing voice commands for searches, playback, and more.
  4. Back button: Returns to the previous screen while navigating menus.
  5. TV/Control Center button: Opens the Apple TV app or returns to the home screen based on regional availability; double-click opens the App Switcher. Also toggles Control Center view.
  6. Play/Pause button: Plays or pauses media, allows skipping ahead or behind in a program by sliding over the touch area.
  7. Volume up / Down buttons: Raises or lowers the volume of the Apple TV. These inputs might require additional settings for compatibility with external sources.

For earlier models of Siri Remote like the first generation, actions performed using the gestures on the touch surface relate closely to those found on the newer-model clicks pad: pointing, scrolling, selection, and invocation of Siri. However, some functions related to tracking or gestural interaction might differ due to the physical changes introduced between generations.