To find someone's phone number on Telegram, you have several options depending on the individual's privacy settings:

  1. Check Public Profiles: On Telegram, if a user hasn't restricted their phone number visibility, you can usually find it by opening their profile page within the app. Tap on their name to access their profile, where you may see their phone number displayed if it's publicly accessible.

  2. Ask Them Directly: If a user's phone number isn't visible due to strict privacy settings, you can request it directly via a polite message explaining why you need it.

  3. Telegram Groups: If both you and the target user belong to the same Telegram group, you could potentially obtain their phone number if the group allows public display of members' numbers. However, this approach relies heavily on the specific group's configuration and the user's willingness to disclose their number.

  4. Bots & Third-Party Services: There are online services such as Callmebot that claim to offer retrieval of mobile phone numbers linked to Telegram IDs, provided the user's phone number is marked as 'visible to all' or 'contacts'. Additionally, bots like User Info Bot can sometimes reveal a user's ID upon receiving a forwarded message, though success varies. Keep in mind that these third-party solutions may raise concerns regarding data privacy and security.

Please note that accessing someone's phone number without consent violates their privacy rights, so ensure you adhere to appropriate practices and respect others' preferences.