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July 2022

"Florian" is the oldest coffee house in Italy, located in Venice in Piazza San Marco. Opened in 1720, it is still in operation.

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💎 Hem. $10 for 200 lucky 3rd birthday BinanceFuturesTurns3 No skipping, as simple as possible. 200 lucky people will share 2000 BUSD 

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#Arbitrum the end of the NFT mint of the first week of Odyssey

 If you ran an Odyssey activity, it was posted

 Don't forget to brand NFT

 Mint will close on 22.08 at 19:59 Moscow time.

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In Russia, for the first time since March 14, more than 40,000 people infected with coronavirus were detected per day

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European banks follow American banks to resume trading in Russian bonds

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The new electric Moskvich, aka KAMA-1, is suspiciously similar to the AC Sehol E40X, from which Chinese elements were removed. Apparently, Russian engineers are experimenting with a Chinese model.

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The details of the humanoid robot from Tesla are revealed.

 Bot in height and weight approaches the parameters of an adult.  He will be able to carry heavy objects, walk quickly, and the screen on his face is interactive for communicating with people.

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In Scotland, the law on free feminine hygiene products came into force.

 The relevant law was approved back in 2020, but came into force only now.

 Scotland became the first country to secure the right to free tampons and pads.

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Participate in the new Crypto WODL from Binance 🔥

The prize fund of $10,000 will be shared by participants who correctly guess at least 1 word 5 times.

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 $6 from Bitget 💣

  Bitget is giving away $6 for signing up and completing tasks, for new users only 

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AIRDROP: FREE 500 MYSTERY BOXES - MOVES There will be 500 random winners of 1 box each, 1 box costs $400 https://wn.nr/2vRmVW Until August 16th 

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 1INCH x KuCoin Wallet

The developers of the DeFi project 1inch Network have integrated the 1inch API into the KuCoin non-custodial wallet 

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The inscription on the suitcase in one of the American airports

 "If the zombie apocalypse caught you on vacation, stay close to the Russian tourists, this will increase your chances of survival"

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The Ministry of Digital Development proposed to collect the biometric data of Russians in the Unified Biometric System (UBS) without their consent.

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Animal Farm - George Orwell

 A story full of humor and sarcasm. Can a humble farm become a symbol of a totalitarian society? Of course yes. But ... how will this society be seen by its "citizens" - animals doomed to slaughter? #read #world

Very often, memory loss is directly related to stagnation and weakening of the load on the brain. Simply put, you stop absorbing new information, and the brain, accordingly, stops straining your memory.

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Dry ginger and black pepper mixed together make an amazing cough remedy. Tibetans use this simple remedy very often.

 You need to mix dry ginger and ground black pepper. Put a small pinch of the mixture on your tongue.

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THIS IS INTERESTING: 36% of employees under 30 said they would be interested in allocating part of their salary to Bitcoin.  

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Venus, Jupiter and the Moon at the same time in the sky over Africa 

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Solana to open store in New York

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Hi Zens,

FuzionX Staking Event will start in 2 hours. This is open to all who has Zenith Coins in their wallet.

Don't miss this opportunity to grow your investment.💰

Details here: 

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#VenueOne анонсировали #Testnet 🔥

Venue One - это протокол децентрализованного прогнозирования, построенный на Algorand.

Проект собрал $3.4M от Borderless Capital, Goldentree Asset Management, Algorand Foundatio,n MEXC Global, Kosmos VC.

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If you want blessings in the house, then do not keep the shoes broom at this place, otherwise luck will get angshoes. #news #crypto

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UX vs UI – What's the Difference? Definition and Meaning.. #news #tmac

When designing a website or an app, the finished product needs to be functional, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing. This is where UX and UI design come in.