In Apple Maps, various icons and symbols are used to represent different types of locations and features. While there isn't a comprehensive legend or key provided by Apple, we can provide some insights based on the search results:

  • Route Marker: The icon mentioned in the Reddit post is likely a route marker for the Indian Nation Turnpike, which has a unique shield or logo to identify it on the map.
  • Point of Interest (POI) Icons: Apple Maps uses a large set of POI icons that are similar to AIGA Symbol Signs. These icons represent various categories such as restaurants, parks, gas stations, and more. The set has evolved over time, with new icons and color categorizations added.
  • Map Type Indicators: The button at the top right of a map in Apple Maps indicates the current map type, which can be exploring, driving, transit, or satellite view.
  • Location Icons: Apple's icon set includes a wide range of icons for different locations and landmarks, such as hospitals, fire departments, stadiums, and zoos. Some icons are specific to certain regions, like the panda for the Beijing Zoo.

While there isn't a complete and official legend for Apple Maps, the icons are generally intuitive and can be understood by their visual representation. If you encounter an icon that is not immediately recognizable, it may be helpful to explore the area on the map or search for more information about the specific location.