Detecting text generated by AI remains a challenging task, and current tools are not entirely reliable. Here's a concise summary of the information from the search results:

  1. OpenAI's tool for detecting AI-generated text has been taken down because it was not reliable enough.
  2. Reddit discussions indicate that programs can detect AI-generated texts to some extent, but accuracy is not perfect, and there are cases where AI-generated content is misidentified as human-written or vice versa.
  3. Scribbr's AI Detector confidently detects texts generated by popular tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Copilot, but they do not guarantee complete accuracy.
  4. GPTZero, another AI detector, focuses on classifying AI use in prose and provides an AI score indicating the likelihood that a text has been generated by AI. However, they also acknowledge that no AI detector is perfect, and there are edge cases where AI-generated text may be misidentified as human-written or vice versa.
  5. Copyleaks' AI Content Detector claims to have a high confidence rate in detecting AI-generated text, even when it has been potentially plagiarized or paraphrased.

In summary, while AI detection tools exist and can provide indications of AI-generated text, they are not infallible. The accuracy of these tools is not 100%, and there are instances where AI-generated text may be misidentified as human-written, or human-written text may be misidentified as AI-generated. Educators and users should interpret the results of AI detection tools with caution and consider them as one factor in a broader assessment of the text's authenticity.