To put a space in your display name on Roblox, you can follow these steps based on the information from the search results:

  1. Download a VPN app on your phone, such as Super VPN.
  2. Use a USA VPN on the app, as the feature seems to be available in the US.
  3. Create a new account on the Roblox mobile app until it prompts you to enter a "Name" instead of a "Display Name" (this may require multiple attempts).
  4. When prompted to enter your "Name," include a space in the desired location (only one space is allowed).

Please note that the method involving a VPN may not be officially supported by Roblox, and the availability of the "Name" feature instead of "Display Name" seems to be subject to change. As of the latest information in the Reddit post, the feature has been released to every 13+ account in the US, with more countries to follow eventually. If you already have an account, you might need to create a new one to access this feature.